Is your busyness killing you? (1)
Why B-U-S-Y is a four letter word (1)
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About Jordan

For the past decade, I’ve been working with business leaders like you access very high states of awareness to dissolve stress, struggle, and strife. I guide you to pull down your facade, work effortlessly, and play more.

101 Ways to Cure Everythingitis™

Is This You?

  • You got it all and you feel rotten inside
  • Your personal facade to keep up your appearance is eating you away
  • You feel there is more to life than making money

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What is Everythingitis™? [Ev-ree-thing-ahy-tis]

Everythingitis is the disease of being busy. Caught in a whirlpool of always doing and never being it leads us down a path of destructive habits. With less and less time for reflection, for leisure, for community, and to just be, we feel exacerbated, tired and even overwhelmed. Drawing on the power of nature, Jordan will help you find harmony, balance and stability.